A No Brainer Guide To Looking Fabulous With A Simple White Dress

A No Brainer Guide To Looking Fabulous With A Simple White Dress

A No Brainer Guide To Looking Fabulous With A Simple White Dress

A No Brainer Guide To Looking Fabulous With A Simple White Dress

A white dress is something every girl wants aside from a little black dress. Just like any other outfits, a white dress should complement a woman’s body type. What’s good about the color white is that it complements everyone no matter what skin tone you have. It should always have the right cut, the right length, and the right fit for it to look perfect. And oh, let’s not forget, the right accessories to add drama to a dress that is plain and elegant on its own right.

A flowy dress that is cut just above the knee, paired with a gold belt as an accessory would definitely make any girl look classy and fun at the same time. For a white dress like this I would suggest wearing wedge sandals but it would also look great on flats and pumps too. A curve hugging dress will definitely look great on girls who are short and skinny, I always loved the look of a white dress hugging the right curves around the hips and waist, combine it with the length just right above the ankles, combine it with the right accessories and strap sandals, and it’s suddenly summer!

Meanwhile, dresses with long sleeves, cut just right above the knee would be something you would want to wear on a Friday. Why? Simply because you can wear this kind of dress at the office, partner it up with a pair of stilettos and treat yourself out to party at night after work. A formal looking coat will separate this dress from a day to night outfit. You pretty much get the idea of the best type of white dresses out there for casual days, but there are also some pointers to remember if you really want to get a perfect 10 for that get up. It is actually a no brainer that you have to remember to avoid thick ruffles around the neckline if you don’t want to look like you just squeezed your tummy fats all the way up to your chest (ouch!). Ruffles are best placed on parts of your body that needs enhancements to balance the look. Dresses that are ruffled on the skirt would look great for skinny ladies, but it wouldn’t work as well for ladies who are a bit curvy. At the same time, a white dress with a really short hemline would not really look good with ladies who have “athletic” legs, if you know what mean. For ladies who are considered to be pear shaped, a body hugging white dress cut just right below the knee would look amazing. Going back to the right cut, the right length and the right fit, everything also has to be age appropriate. You don’t want to look like a middle aged woman wearing a super short, tight fitting dress. It’s an eyesore!

Aside from the guidelines mentioned above, the best thing that would make a simple white dress perfect would be the confidence you wear together with the dress, and act appropriate for your outfit. I have seen ladies who are wearing gorgeous white dresses but instantly lose the glamour with the way they walk, and the way they talk. It ruins everything. And let’s not forget what is effortless – SMILE!

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