White Dress As A New Wardrobe

White Dress As A New Wardrobe

White Dress As A New Wardrobe

Wardrobe Essentials Outside The Safety Zone

Everyone knows about the necessity of having a perfect black dress in one’s closet. It suits almost every occasion and its simplicity makes timeless. However, its ubiquity has led to it becoming sort of a safe bet, while those who want to prove their fashion credentials need to look a bit further and include some other types and colors into their wardrobe essentials. In this sense, no need to go full color or opt for crazy patterns – you keep still have it simple and classic but with a touch of audacity, if you choose a white dress to be your new fashion statement.

Iconic In Its Own Right

A white dress has for a long time now outgrown its wedding character. Moreover, it has gained an iconic status of its own. One of the best known movie scenes of all times include a white dress, with Marilyn Monroe standing above a subway grate in the “Seven Year Itch”. And in more recent cinematic history, who can forget the white wool crepe dress Sharon Stone wore in the highly controversial scene in “Basic Instincts”. Finally, Alicia Silverston in “Clueless”, the movie with huge cult following among fashionistas, has made Calvin Klein white slip dress a symbol of all those amazing pieces we are in love with as teenage girls and that our parents have little understanding of.

Avoid Its Risks For Maximum Benefits

As it is always the case with winning big, you can lose as well, meaning that wearing a white dress has its risks, but they are quite easy to avoid with just a couple of aspects taken care of. And here is what you should bear in mind when looking for the ideal white dress:> Black is always black, but white clothing has its many nuances – bright white, off-white, ecru, ebony cream, ivory, etc.> Choose the right white nuance depending on your skin tone by trying them out and seeing which one suits you best,> Check the transparency of a dress before buying it, but always wear it with skin tone underwear, just in case,> If you plan to wear it often, make sure the fabric allows bleaching or be ready for frequent visits to dry cleaners.

Good For All Seasons If You Style It Properly

Aside from weddings, a white dress usually makes us think of summer and casual style. But this does not have to be the case and it takes just a little bit of effort. And everyone knows that in order to be fashionable today one has to break the traditional rules. More so, white in winter is an amazing option and you will make your appearance such an enjoyable sight, especially since everyone around you would probably be wearing dark and sombre attires. And if the outside is covered with snow, wearing a cosy creamy wool or cashmere dress would add certain warmth and romantic touch to your look. Naturally, think about accessories as well so that you finalize your look to best results and what gives you more freedom in this sense than a white canvas.

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